Minnie Bischof
1898 - 1996

October 1957 Photo

Minnie Bischof

Minnie Bischof, well-known Otoe County resident, died on January 24 in Syracuse. She lived most of her life in Nebraska City, where she worked at Bischof Hardware. When it closed in the 1970's, Bischof's was one of the oldest businesses in the state.
The Bischof family came here from Germany early in the life of Nebraska City. William Bischof opened the hardware store in 1867. The store always was owned by the Bischof family and remained in same location until it closed. Scooter's occupies the building now. In the years before the store closed, Minnie would often show "antiques" to customers. It wasn't an antique store, though. The "antiques" were hardware items, still for sale, that had been on the store's shelves since the 1800's.
Born in Nebraska City in1898, Minnie was 97 when she died. She was buried at St. Mary's Cemetery.
Minnie Bischof was an active member of St. Mary's Catholic Church. She was a good friend to many in Nebraska City, and even babysat this writer a few times. The next time you visit Scooter's, look around and think about Minnie and Bischof's Hardware and the old days.